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Hempalin Primer 12050

is a relatively quick-drying, zinc phosphate primer.

Hempel's Uni-Primer 13140

is a quick-drying, one-component primer with rust-inhibiting pigments.

Hempadur Quattro 17634

is a two-component universal epoxy paint, which cures to a hard and tough coating with good resistance to abrasion, seawater and various oils.

Hempadur Mastic 45880

A two-component polyamide adduct cured, high solids, high build epoxy paint.

Hempadur Mastic 45881

A two-component polyamide adduct cured, high solids, high build epoxy paint.

Hempatex Hi-Build 46410

A physically drying paint with good colourretention as a flat finish. Based on acrylic resin and non-chlorinated plasticizer.

Hempadur OBM 47150

is a two-component, high build epoxy paint.

Hempel's Silvium 51570

is an oleoresinous general purpose aluminium paint with good light reflection.

Hempalin Enamel52140

is a glossy alkyd enamel which forms a weather resistant coating.

Hempathane Topcoat 55210

A two-component, glossy acrylic polyurethane coating, cured with aliphatic isocyanate, with good gloss and colour retention.

Hempatex Enamel 56360

is a finishing coat based on acrylic resin and nonchlorinated plasticizer for optimum gloss and colour retention.

Hempel's Hi-Vee 56540

is a non-hiding, but strongly day-light reflecting acrylic paint with fluorescent pigments which give intense colour impression and high visibility (Hivee).

Hempel's Silicone Aluminium 56914

is a heat resistant aluminium pigmented polysiloxane paint.

Hempel's Anti-Slint 67500

is flame dried silica sand of which the average particle size is approximately 0.5 millimetres.


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