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With stock points around the globe and a wide range of easy to apply maintenance coatings, we ensure your crew can keep your vessel in perfect condition with the minimum of effort.

Weather exposure, mechanical impact and chemical spills can damage even the toughest protective coatings. Our maintenance coatings are easy to apply in wide range of application conditions, enabling your crew to quickly and easily complete onboard repairs.

Simplify your seastock
Our range of cost-effective and easy-to-apply coatings cover all your onboard maintenance needs. They can be applied on a wide range of substrates and existing coatings and can be used on different parts of the vessel – to help make maintenance easier and keep your seastock selection and storage costs down.

A coating check-up for your vessel
To help make sure your vessel is in optimum condition, our FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors can inspect your vessel to identify any issues. They then recommend a maintenance schedule – based on the coatings in your existing store and including advice on surface preparation and application – to ensure you have an efficient maintenance schedule.

Maintenance manuals and posters
After evaluating your vessel’s needs and your company’s maintenance policy, we can create maintenance manuals and posters specifically for your vessel and crew. With easy-to-follow steps and guidelines, these help ensure all onboard maintenance tasks are carried our quickly, efficiency and accurately.


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