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Outstanding fuel efficiency

Roal Caribbean International is looking forward to outstanding fuel efficiency and optimum antifouling performance from its cruise vessel Vision of the Seas over the next five-year docking interval.

Bunkering costs and sailing performance are key to business performance for Royal Caribbean International. Cruise liners operating in aggressive waters run a higher risk of fouling, especially during daily idle periods while in port or when sailing at lower load. Royal Caribbean International opted for HEMPAGUARD® X7 as the underwater hull coating on the Vision of the Seas. The remarkable fouling defence characteristics of the new coating promised significantly higher fuel efficiency over a five-year docking interval.

Efficient and effective
Based on unique and patented ActiGuard® fouling defence technology, HEMPAGUARD® X7 retains the biocide at the surface, thus eliminating the need for polishing, and reducing biocide release by 95 per cent. The surface of the hull has the same smoothness as conventional biocide-free, silicone-based fouling release coatings.

Performance guarantee
Hempel’s 60-month fuel performance guarantee combines with a product performance guarantee for the 60-month period, including up to 120 idle days of fouling resistance, making HEMPAGUARD® X7 an obvious choice for Royal Caribbean International.

With its unique and patented ActiGuard® technology, HEMPAGUARD® X7 also promises Royal Caribbean International outstanding fouling defence in any kind of waters anywhere in the world, both when switching between slow and fast speeds, and during extended idle periods.


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