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Hempel Ultra-Strength passes 100

No part of a bulk carrier takes as much of a beating as the cargo hold - which is why more than 100 bulkers have switched to Hempadur  Ultra-Strength, our super-strong cargo hold coating.

Hempadur Ultra-Strength has redefined the word “tough” for bulk carriers around the world since it first hit the market in July 2009. The super-strong award-winning cargo hold epoxy coating can help shipowners reduce maintenance costs - and even customers using Hempadur Multi-Strength are choosing to make the upgrade.

Coating repair intervals up to 10 years
With improved protection from warm, angular cargo, along with superior impact and abrasion resistance, Hempadur Ultra-Strength is tough enough to extend a cargo hold’s coating repair interval for up to 10 years.

To date, more than 100 large bulkers have had their cargo holds coated with  Hempadur Ultra-Strength: a total in excess of 2 million square metres of steel. And as well as realising savings thanks to reduced maintenance, customers say they’re also saving time and money on cleaning between different cargoes, thanks to Ultra-Strength’s hard, smooth and glossy surface


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Outstanding cargo hold coating that delivers the ultimate abrasion and impact resistance and an unrivalled time to first hard cargo.

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