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Silicone coatings help Grimaldi reduce operating costs and emissions

When multinational logistics operator Grimaldi Group wanted to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, it chose our Hempaguard® and Hempasil X3 silicone coatings.

The challenge

When the Grimaldi Group decided to move towards more energy-efficient and greener operations, reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions from its cargo and passenger vessels was the obvious place to start. They asked us to help.

The solution

Grimaldi has coated 16 of its vessels with Hempasil X3 since 2011, with good results. When we released Hempaguard X7 in 2013, Grimaldi was quick to make the change. A best-in-class technology, Hempaguard X7 delivers average fuel savings of 6 per cent compared to best-in-class antifoulings over the entire service interval. However, actual fuel reductions can be significantly higher, as Grimaldi discovered.

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