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Hull performance data gives Euronav accurate ROI information

Euronav has been using our silicone hull coatings to improve fuel efficiency since 2007 with good results. Now, thanks to our performance monitoring service, Euronav can see exactly how much fuel our advanced hull coatings save.

The challenge

Many hull coatings claim to reduce fuel consumption. However, many factors affect fuel use, which makes it hard to determine the exact return on investment of a hull coating. Euronav, a global leader in crude oil shipping, wants to accurately gather hull and propeller performance data, so it can see exactly how much money it is saving and make adjustments if performance drops.

The solution

Our Hull Performance Team began monitoring the hull and propeller performance of three Euronav vessels six months before our Hempaguard® X7 hull coating was applied. Six months after application, the data clearly showed a total increase in propulsion efficiency, a significant portion of which was directly attributable to Hempaguard.

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