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Hempadur 15400

A two-component, amine adduct cured epoxy paint, which cures to a coating with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals as tabulated in separate Cargo Protection Guide.

Hempadur 15460

A high solids amine adduct cured pure epoxy tank coating resistant to continuous immersion in a range of chemicals, including crude oil up to 80ºC/176ºF.

Hempadur 15500

is a two-component, amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy (novolac) paint.

Hempadur 15600

PSPC approved high solids, pure epoxy tank coating with excellent adhesion to steel and resistance to crude oil, product oils, wastewater, mud & brines and seawater.

Hempel's Galvosil 15700

A two-component, solvent-borne, self-curing, inorganic zinc silicate with outstanding resistance against weathering and abrasion.


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