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Cargo Tanks

Hempel’s pure epoxy, phenolic epoxy and zinc silicate-based cargo tank coatings build on proven technology. They provide optimal tank protection, simplify cleaning and minimise maintenance costs.

Cargo tanks require durable protection
Today, an increasing number of vessels carry liquid cargoes that can be highly chemically aggressive. Furthermore, the majority of cargo tanks in the global fleet are built from mild steel, also known as plain-carbon steel, which needs corrosion protection.
Why cargo tank coatings are so important
Effective cargo tank coatings provide vital resistance against cargoes carried, and corrosion, prevent contamination between cargoes, and simplify cleaning and maintenance. In doing so, they make it possible to switch cargoes and accommodate different transportation patterns with total efficiency.

Choosing the right coating
To ensure you get the right coating, you need consider your vessel’s typical cargoes and cargo sequences. You can also take advantage of our Online Cargo Protection Guide or contact our technical team. You should consider the following key criteria:

  • Resistance to chemicals and corrosion
    The tougher the cargo tank coating, the lower your maintenance costs and the safer your vessel. Our products offer outstanding long-lasting resistance to even the most aggressive liquid cargoes.
  • Operational efficiency
    Low cargo absorption and shorter cleaning times directly contribute to greater profitability. Low cargo absorption means quicker cargo turnarounds and therefore more time at sea. Fast and effective cleaning brings lower costs. Our cargo tank coatings are specifically designed to be easy to clean and reduce risk of contamination between cargoes.
  • Application territory
    Shipyard requirements vary from region to region. We offer coatings tailored to the particular needs of specific territories. Reflecting this, these deliver exceptional value.
  • Application flexibility
    Application conditions vary according to the location of the shipyard. We offer cargo tank coatings with excellent drying times, which can be applied in hot, cold and humid climates.

Our coatings conform to IMO/PSPC rules for cargo tanks and are FDA compliant for the carriage of liquid foodstuff cargoes.


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Cargo protection Guide

The Cargo Protection Guide provides information on the resistance of Hempel's cargo tank coatings as well as how to maintain this resistance for the longest possible period of operation

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