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Cargo Holds

A tough cargo hold coating protects your holds from hard or chemically aggressive cargoes to lower your maintenance costs and reduce cleaning times between loads.

Bulk carriers transport hundreds of different dry cargoes, from steel and coal to salt and everything in between. This means your cargo hold coating has to deliver reliable corrosion protection and excellent thermal, mechanical and impact resistance.

A good cargo hold coating should also be easy to clean between cargoes, so you can reduce the time it takes to get your vessel ready for its next load.

A full range of FDA-compliant coatings
We supply the full range of cargo hold coatings, from high-performing pure-epoxy coatings to high-solids universal and surface-tolerant epoxies.

All our cargo hold coatings have grain certification and comply with FDA regulations for the carriage of food-grade cargoes. They can also be used for both newbuilding and maintenance, and can be applied with various degrees of surface preparation.

Hempadur Ultra-Strength 47500

Top of the range pure epoxy cargo hold coating with ultra-high abrasion and impact resistance.

Superior protection

Our Fouling Control coatings reduce the fuel bill and increase the competitiveness of shipping companies.


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