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Cargo Holds

Your cargo holds take more punishment that any other part of your vessel. Our coatings maximise service life and lower maintenance – to help boost you operational efficiency.

Your cargo holds are subject to extremely harsh conditions. Loading and unloading dry cargo causes abrasion, impact and mechanical damage; while new high-speed loading techniques can cause ‘shooting’ damage to unprotected holds. In addition, certain cargos expose your cargo holds to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, which can damage and weaken the steel.

In these tough environments, you need a protective coating you can trust. By choosing our proven cargo hold coatings, you get a coating that’s strong enough to protect your hold against the most punishing dry cargos, and durable enough to ensure you get a long repair interval and reduced maintenance costs.

Why choose a cargo hold coating from Hempel?

· Resistance to corrosion and abrasion
Our coatings have excellent surface tolerance and flexibility to maximise protection and minimise your maintenance costs.

· Easy cleaning
The faster you clean your cargo holds, the quicker you can load-up and get back out to sea. Designed with this in mind, our cargo holds are very smooth and easy to clean.

· Application flexibility
You can apply our cargo hold coatings all year round in hot, cold and humid climates – and they cure fast, too. This means quicker turnaround times and lower maintenance costs for you.

· Certifications
All our cargo hold coatings have NOHH Grain and FDA (Carriage of Dry Foodstuffs) approval.

· Environmental impact
All our cargo hold coatings are VOC compliant, below the 250-grams/litre limit, for lower emissions and less environmental impact.

Choosing the perfect coating for your cargo holds
Our cargo hold coatings range includes coatings for all different types of vessel and cargo. When we help you choose a cargo hold coating, we help you weigh up all the different parameters to ensure you get a coating that will last.


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Now premium dock maintenance becomes easier than ever. This pure epoxy protective coating gets applied and dried in no time. It is surface tolerant and endures any season,any climate, even temperatures as tough as -10◦C.

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