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Ballast Tanks

Hempel’s pure epoxy certified coatings build on proven technology to offer excellent corrosion protection for ballast tanks. They increase service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Ballast water has high corrosive potential
The water in ballast tanks often has a high potential to corrode steel  – if left unchecked. For instance, it may have high salinity and/ or contain corrosive chemicals.

Why coatings are so important
Ballast tanks often make up the largest area of the steel structure of a marine vessel. If they are not fully protected they start to corrode, degrading operational safety, efficiency and service life.

Choosing the right coating
When choosing a cargo coating it is good to start with the specific needs of the vessel and the shipyard where the coating is to be applied. It is also important to explore the quality of competing performance claims and consider these criteria:

  • Ease of maintenance
    Ballast tanks are difficult to clean. And time-consuming cleaning means less time at sea and higher costs. The coatings in our assortment have been designed to be smooth and easy to clean.
  • Application territory
    Different shipyards and territories, for instance Korea and China, have different requirements. So one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a coating. To maximise cost-effectiveness, we offer coatings tailored to specific regions.
  • Application flexibility
    Always choose a coating with a wide application window. The coatings in our assortment can be applied to all surface preparations, have a short drying time and can be administered in hot, cold and humid climates.
  • Resistance to corrosion and abrasion
    The better protected your vessel, the safer your ship and the lower your maintenance costs. The coatings in our assortment have a hard glossy surface and offer enhanced resistance to cracking and corrosion.
  • Certifications
    To meet the relevant standards, you need coatings with the right certificates. The coatings we offer conform to IMO/PSPC rules for ballast tanks.
  • Environmental impact
    Impact on the environment is a central concern for the shipping industry. All our coatings are VOC compliant below the 250-grams/litre limit.


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