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Girls' day in science

Hempel is part of the Danish initiative, Girls’ Day in Science, which works to increase young schoolgirls’ interest in natural and technical sciences.

In 2016, Hempel invited 15 girls (aged 13-14) from a local school to our headquarters in Lundtofte, Denmark. The girls learned how complex coatings solutions can help reduce fuel consumption of ships and vessels. They also worked in groups, brainstorming about how Hempel can contribute to CO2 reduction throughout the value chain.

Using LEGO bricks to understand the complexity of applying coatings

By inviting girls in, showing them what a science job in Hempel can consist of, and presenting them to female role models in our R&D department, Hempel hopes to help increase the number of women working in our field.

Louise Krüger Kofoed, Hempel’s Corporate Responsibility Manager said:

“Hempel wanted to show the young students that coatings are a complex product, and that a scientific education is needed to develop them. Coatings are not just coatings. They can help ships reduce their fuel consumption by up to 8 per cent, but we need to challenge ourselves constantly to be able to develop new and improved solutions. Therefore, it is important to us to increase today’s schoolchildren’s interest in our field by showing them how interesting and important our jobs are, so in the future, Hempel can continue to optimize the development of coatings, in order to help protect the environment.”

Investigating how coating samples look through a microscope

The initiative is also about increasing diversity in the scientific field. Studies show that diversity improves the working environment, and Hempel supports the initiative to lead the way for more girls into the scientific field.

“There is room for both men and women in science, and we wish to maintain a high level of diversity in order to attract the best people in the future,” said Louise Krüger Kofoed.

Girls’ Day in Science 2016 was a success – both for the young girls and for Hempel, and Hempel plans to invite local schoolgirls to our headquarters for a day of science again in 2017.


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