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Ethical Behaviour

At Hempel, we are committed to working responsibly and ethically at all times, both in terms of how we conduct our business and the products and services we offer.

Hempel has a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy that we ensure all employees understand and follow.

In 2014, we introduced a Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy, and in 2015, a Human Rights Policy followed.

Among other things these policies include zero-tolerance towards child labour and forced labour and exist to make sure that all our employees and other stakeholders are treated with respect.

We regularly train our personnel and conduct internal audits. On average, 25 audits are carried out per year, covering every aspect of our operations, from legal compliance, HSE management and human rights to internal controls and our own standard procedures.

The Hempel Ethics Hotline
In order to live up to our reputation as one of the world’s most trusted coatings suppliers, we have a Business Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct that cover all aspects of our work.

Anyone – either internal or external – can report potential breaches or concerns relating to our Business Ethics Policy or Code of Conduct through the Hempel Ethics Hotline. Hosted by an independent third-party, the Hempel Ethics Hotline allows for anonymous reporting, and ensures that all reports are quickly followed-up with an objective and independent Hempel internal investigation.


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