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Employee Volunteering

Being a responsible corporate citizen goes beyond policies and projects. It's about making corporate social responsibility part of the mindset of everyone at Hempel.

One of the ways we achieve this is by encouraging our employees to volunteer their spare time to a cause that means most to them. Not only do the volunteers help those in need, they also get some great learning experiences, underlining the importance of actively taking responsibility for the world in which we live.

As well as encouraging employees to initiate local projects, Hempel also offers opportunities for employees to volunteer in the projects for education of children in need. Projects that are run worldwide by our owner, the Hempel Foundation. On these volunteer trips, the employees donate their own vacation time while Hempel pays expenses.

You can read more about the education projects on the Hempel Foundation's website.

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  1. Cambodia

    Five employees, each representing different regions around the world, went on a week-long volunteer trip to Cambodia where the Hempel Foundation is supporting a local school in Battambang.

    The idea was for the employees to experience the positive impact that the project has on the local community and the children’s future, but also to give them the experience of helping people less fortunate than themselves and enjoy that. During their time in Cambodia, the employees built a new playground at the school in Battambang and they helped cooking and played games with the children.

  2. Mozambique

    Mozambique in Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. Six employees from Hempel offices all over the world went on a week-long volunteer trip to one of the two schools that the Hempel Foundation is supporting in the country.

    Besides from experiencing the positive impact that the project has had on the local community and the children's future, the Hempel employees taught the Mozambique school children English and Spanish and built them two new volleyball fields.

  3. China

    Employees donated computers to children

    The Hempel Foundation is supporting the SOS children’s village in Chengdu and supporting that the children receive a good education. But the Hempel IT department in China wanted to do more, so they donated computers for the children to give them a chance to be even better in school. Hempel employees spent two days in Chengdu setting up the computers and teaching the children how to use them.

    Employees helped paint SOS-children's village

    When employees from Hempel's office in Chengdu realised what poor conditions the buildings in the SOS children's village were in, they decided to help improve them. Hempel employees from all over China went to Chengdu for a weekend and gave three of the buildings a facelift, cleaned up and painted the common spaces where the children sing and play every day.

  4. Argentina

    Only 20 kilometres from Hempel’s office and factory in Buenos Aires, a SOS children’s village is located. Hempel employees in Argentina spent a Saturday painting the jungle playground, which was really in need. The employees also brought with them their own children and together with the children from the children’s village, they spent a joyful day having fun, getting acquainted with the children in the village and did good at the same time. In fact, it was such a good day that the employees organised to repeat it and therefore came back to paint the main building.

  5. Poland

    When Hempel opened a factory in Poland in 2011, the employees at the Hempel office wanted to do something a little extra to be good corporate citizens in the local community of Buk. So, they started the project “Hempel – the world of paints” at two primary schools in Buk. The employees taught the children about paint and the children could try themselves to make different experiments, which in a practical way taught them about the different substances, how they behave when being mixed and how to use paint in the most optimal way.

  6. Denmark

    When the employees in Hempel’s Head Quarter in Copenhagen were offered the possibility to donate their Christmas present to the children at a school in Mozambique, many employees decided to do so. In fact, it was possible to buy a school bag for each of the 700 children at the Movorovo School. This was a much-needed gift. Most of the children did not have a school bag and used either lose pieces of plastic, cotton cloths or small plastic bags to cover their valuable school books, which especially in the raining season suffered from being wet most of the time.


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