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The Hempel Brand

On the 4th of July 2015 we officially launched the new Hempel Group brand identity. The new design was unveiled as part of our 100-year anniversary celebrations in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The refreshed design centres on a new Group master logo, made up from the Helix symbol and a modernised Hempel word mark. The Hempel name will always appear in English, wherever we are in the world. 

Whilst the Helix represents a new chapter for Hempel, its design has been inspired by our history and heritage. The distinctive symbol is reflective of the company we are today. One global business, bound together behind one vision and one culture.  The adjoining lines reinforce the role and contribution all aspects of our business play, in helping us to deliver on our promise of trusted solutions.

The Hempel Foundation, our company’s sole owner, will also adopt the new design, as we continue to present ourselves as One Hempel to the world. This alignment will ensure absolute consistency across all of Hempel’s commercial, social and charitable initiatives.

This is an extremely exciting time for the Hempel Group and marks a major milestone in our company’s proud history. The Hempel journey continues, with a visual identity that respects the value of our heritage, whilst giving us a modern and vibrant image that will carry us forward towards another 100 years of success.

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Trusted solutions is the essence of the Hempel brand. It has been the driving idea behind our brand identity and serves as the very benefit that we set out to create in the minds of every customer or stakeholder we work with.



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Hempel launches new global brand identity

Not content with being one of the fastest growing coatings companies in the world, it seems there’s no halting Hempel A/S. After delivering record sales and net profit in 2014, the company has further cause for celebration, as today it launched a new brand identity to mark its drive to offer complete coating solutions for customers.

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