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Frosio KR711

Location: Pusan, Korea
Commencing Date: 13.11.2017

The FROSIO Certification Course from Hempel Academy is a two-week course covering the technological and practical aspects of protective surface treatment. Through multiple exercises it prepares you well for the FROSIO exam, which you will take on the final day of the course.

The Hempel Group has a long-standing association with FROSIO, The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors of Surface Treatment. FROSIO has approved Hempel Academy as training body and provider of courses preparing you for the FROSIO certificate exam on the final day of training.

Who can participate?
The FROSIO Certification Course is open to everyone and especially relevant if you work as a coating engineer, coating inspector, paint supervisor, yard engineer, quality control personnel or similar, and have some experience of inspection duties.

You are required to speak English at upper intermediate level or above, since the course materials, training and final examination are in English.

What does a FROSIO Certification Course cover?
The contents of this course derive directly from the curriculum laid down by the FROSIO Council in standard NS 476. The main themes include:

  • Construction materials and design
  • Corrosion theory and types
  • Substrates for painting
  • Standards relevant to surface treatment
  • Surface preparation, methods and equipment
  • Paint application, methods and equipment
  • Paint constituents and generic paint types
  • Special coatings: powder, wrapping, etc.
  • Hot-dip galvanising and thermal spraying
  • Coatings for passive fire protection
  • Fouling, anti-fouling and fouling release coatings
  • Inspection work and the duties
  • Advanced field measurements and practical inspection
  • Evaluation of paint and painting defects
  • Specifications and procedures
  • Health, safety and environment

After the FROSIO Certification Course, you will be able to perform in the various aspects of coating inspections.

This intensive course is divided into two five day sections with a free weekend in between for private studies and homework.

What is included in a FROSIO exam?
The intensive examination is conducted by an independent examiner appointed by the FROSIO Council. Held on the last day of the course, it consists of a theoretical part and a practical part; each lasting 4 hours.


For a place at the event please apply to

Course cost

The price of the FROSIO Certification Course is EUR3700