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Product Development

Great coating solutions take effort and inspiration, and Hempel invests heavily in product development in order to ensure our customers always have the best coating solutions.

A focus on quality
We have stringent quality demands to ensure we deliver high-performing, environmentally safe products and solutions. All new products are tested thoroughly in our three in-house test facilities, and by external test institutes, according to international standards, including panel preparation, test procedures and evaluation.

Highlights from our research and development team include:

  1. Power generation in extreme environments

    Power generation installations, such as wind turbines or nuclear plants, require complex coatings solutions. Our state-of-the-art solutions have been proven to provide long-term protection against corrosion, even in the most challenging environments. 

    This includes a two-coat UHSS (Ultra High Solid Speed) system, which reduces the number of coats required on wind towers, helping increase production speed and reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions by 50%.

  2. Fouling control to reduce fuel bills for ship-owners

    Marine organisms, such as barnacles and algae, attach themselves to ships hulls, causing extra drag and increasing the amount of fuel needed to propel the ship through the water. Our industry-leading fouling control coatings can protect surfaces from marine organisms and reduce fuel consumption for up to 7.5 years.

    Many of our customers are now switching to or conducting full scale tests with HEMPAGUARD® our best-in-class fuel saving product. HEMPAGUARD® is a fusion between silicone-based fouling release and biocide-containing antifouling; it delivers an average of six per cent fuel savings compared to conventional antifoulings. At the same time,  HEMPAGUARD® resists fouling during idle periods of up to 120 days. This combination of fuel savings and idle capacity allows ship operators efficiency and flexibility.


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