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In Hempel’s research and development teams, we’re working hard to create new solutions for our customers that increase durability, contribute to greater sustainability and increase productivity.

Working towards more sustainable solutions 
We believe that every coatings company can and should contribute to a better environment. Our R&D department, therefore, concentrates on developing solutions that use less solvents and harmful substances - and we also work closely with our suppliers to implement REACH, the European chemicals legislation.

Our work has led to a number of innovative and award-winning solutions, such as HEMPASIL X3, a biocide-free fouling release coating which helps the shipping industry reduce fuel consumption and associated carbon dioxide.

Extra durable coatings for long-lasting protection
Many of the objects that need protection are difficult to access – for instance a bridge, an oil rig or a ballast tank – meaning that maintenance must be kept to a minimum. Hempel is developing solutions with long-lasting properties, such as fibre-reinforced coatings like HEMPADUR PRO, a new generation tank coating which prevents cracks in ballast tanks.  

Helping customers increase efficiency and productivity 
After a coating has been applied, it needs to dry before it can be handled - and this can cause bottlenecks on fast-moving production lines and ship docks. One of our goals at Hempel is to develop solutions that cure faster and at lower temperatures than their predecessors.

We are also looking into innovative new application solutions that deliver a high-quality finish while producing less waste.

Outstanding performance for every need
Through experience and analysis of customer requirements, Hempel provides a number of highly specialised products for specific industries, because we know that every coating needs to be perfectly suited to the surface, environment and operating conditions of the object it protects.

Energy production, for example, requires very different coating solutions depending on the type of plant and area in which it is applied. Our solutions can be found in wind turbines far out at sea, inside nuclear power stations and on the steel structures in bio-fuel plants.

Working with customers and universities

We strongly believe in collaborating with external partners and we maintain close relationships with both customers and leading universities. By sponsoring research, for example by PhD students at the Danish Technical University, Tianjin University and Instituto Químico de Sarrià, we are developing superior solutions for the future - and investing in the next generation of researchers and engineers.


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How Hempel coatings are made

How our coatings are made

From planning to drum filling. Download this illustration to see an overview of the process of producing coatings at Hempel.

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