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New Hempaline Defend linings range now available in North America


Today marks a significant milestone in our energy strategy with our new Hempaline Defend epoxy and vinyl ester range of protective coatings now available in North America. Designed for the oil & gas and power industries, Hempaline Defend linings are specifically tailored to protect equipment used in hostile and challenging conditions.

Reduce cargo hold maintenance costs with new Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510


Our new durable cargo hold coating – Hempadur Ultra-Strength Fibre 47510 – is specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by cargo holds, hatch covers and hatch coamings of bulk carriers. It offers customers an outstanding return on investment by delivering up to 40 per cent reduction in cargo hold maintenance costs*.

Hempel completes full incorporation of Schaepman


On 27 September we completed the full incorporation of Netherlands-based coatings manufacturer Schaepman’s Lakfabrieken B.V.(Schaepman) in the Hempel Group. The company has been re-named “Hempel Industrial B.V”, and all activities continue under the Hempel brand.

Improve your vessels’ efficiency with new high-performance antifouling coatings – Globic 9500M and Globic 9500S


Our two new premium antifouling coatings – Globic 9500M and Globic 9500S – are now available worldwide offering customers a potential 2.5 per cent reduction in speed loss. This equates to significant fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions improving the operational efficiency of a vessel and minimising the operator’s environmental footprint.

Hempadur Avantguard 860 challenges traditional anticorrosive coatings


Our new versatile activated zinc primer– Hempadur Avantguard 860 – combines best in class corrosion protection, at the level of an inorganic zinc silicate, with the application benefits of an epoxy. The new product is now available for the oil & gas, infrastructure and wind power markets.

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