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Rejuvenating central Moscow

An outstanding approach to living and leisure space in the centre of a metropolis, the VTB Arena Park is rejuvenating a large area of central Moscow. We are supplying the coatings for the park’s centrepiece: the VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium.


The VTB Arena is the first arena in the world to include a sports stadium and a multi-sports arena under a single roof. The stadium will be home to FC Dynamo Moscow, the oldest football club in Russia, and the multi-sports arena will host a number of sports, from basketball to ice hockey. As one of the largest and most ambitious sports venues in the world, the VTB Arena is being made with the best materials available, including its protective coatings.

Andrei Peregoudov, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank and the Director of the VTB Arena Park project comments, “VTB Arena Park is one of the most exciting and prestigious projects being developed in Moscow. It is a unique example of integrated development of a huge area near the city centre. The area has been used by Moscow residents for healthy and active rest since the first half of the 20th century, when the original Dynamo Stadium was built. The VTB Arena Park project is keeping and building on this tradition.”

Trusted solutions across Europe

The construction of VTB Arena poses some interesting logistical and coating challenges. The project requires a huge amount of structural steel to be produced, erected and protected in a short space of time. To make this possible, the steel is being produced across Russia and in Italy, and VTB needs high-quality coatings, prompt delivery and comprehensive technical service in all locations.

With factories and technical service teams located throughout Russia and Europe, we are able to ensure fast delivery to local fabricators, as well as advanced technical service at all production and construction sites. Our solution comes with a ten-year warranty and includes a number of innovative coatings, such as our award-winning Hempadur Avantguard zinc epoxy primer and a fire protection coating that improves safety for people inside the building.

You can read all about the project here.

CEO Henrik Andersen visits VTB Arena

On a recent trip to Russia, Hempel Group President & CEO Henrik Andersen visited VTB Arena to see the scale of the construction and to meet the team behind the work.

“The VTB Arena Park is a fantastic project and a great example of how urban development can rejuvenate inner-city areas,” he says. “We have a great working relationship with VTB and we are proud to be part of the project.”

The first football match at Dynamo Central Stadium will take place on 22 October 2017. In total, we are supplying around 240,000 litres of coatings to the project.

VTB Arena Park at a glance

VTB Arena Park is an overall reconstruction and refurbishment of Dynamo Central Stadium and its surrounding area. Set in a unique location in an historical green area in the heart of Moscow, the redevelopment is a perfect blend of modernity and dynamism that will provide leisure, living and commercial space for Moscow inhabitants.

As well as the sports arena, the park will include offices, a residential area, a conference hall, a luxury hotel and a health centre, as well as cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment areas. The historical park area will be preserved, with paths for walking and cycling, outdoor cafes and picnics areas.

The project is being developed by VTB Bank, the All-Russia Sports Society and Physical Training Dynamo.

Did you know…?

Intumescent coatings insulate steel during a fire so people have more time to evacuate.

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Did you know...?

Hempadur Avantguard primers work in three different ways to combat corrosion.


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