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Hempel launches revised product offer compliant with NORSOK M501

The NORSOK M-501 document is one of the major pre-qualification schemes used for the evaluation of protective coatings for offshore use. With the new product offer, we give Hempel’s customers a better solution.


NORSOK M-501 specifies test criteria, which must be met for use in certain locations on offshore facilities as well as required generic types and coating dry film thicknesses. Where prequalification is not required, the document provides guidance on generic types and coating dry film thicknesses.

Now, we are pleased to announce the launch of our revised product offer compliant with NORSOK M-501 edition 6. Oil & Gas Segment Manager, Simon Daly, says:

“During 2015, we have significantly expanded our number of systems, which are pre-qualified to this internationally recognised standard. This has been achieved by an extensive test programme with an independent test laboratory. The end result is a better choice for our customers on projects where NORSOK M-501 compliance is required.”

In addition to this, we have further expanded the NORSOK qualification for Hempel’s award winning Avantguard 750 activated zinc epoxy primer, which offers long term corrosion protection for new construction projects.

“But we’re not stopping here,” Simon Daly says. “With yet another large test programme already underway for 2016, our commitment to supporting the NORSOK standard is clear.”


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Norsok compliant systems

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