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Low-solvent protective coating system gets patent in Europe

UHSS, a unique two-coat protective paint system certified for C5-M and C4 corrosive environments, was granted a patent from the European Patent Office.


Developed by leading coatings manufacturer Hempel, the Ultra-High Solids and Speed (UHSS) system is suitable for paint shop application of steel parts for refineries, the chemical industry, power generation, infrastructure projects and wind turbines.

“We’re very pleased to have been granted a patent for UHSS,” says Anders Voldsgaard Clausen, Group Segment Marketing Manager at Hempel. “It shows just how innovative UHSS is. It’s also recognition for our R&D work, in which we’re constantly striving to help the industry reduce environmental impact and speed up production times.”

Unlike standard systems, which use three-coats, UHSS uses just two high-solids coatings to deliver a primer and galvanic and UV protection. As a result, UHSS can reduce VOC emissions by up to 70 per cent compared to standard three-coat systems, depending on the system. It also dries quicker than standard three-coat systems, helping increase production speeds.

“We developed UHSS for manufacturers who want to increase production output without increasing VOC emissions,” explains Clausen. “It dries in just 3.5 hours, which is less than half a shift and up to six times faster than standard three-coat alternatives, depending on the system. This makes production time faster, which leads to higher efficiency and ultimately lower costs for the manufacturer.”

The UHSS system is available globally.


For further information, please contact Anders Voldsgaard Clausen, Group Segment Marketing Manager

UHSS facts

Complies with C5-M and C4 categories for corrosive environments

Produces 396.4 kg of VOCs per 10,000m² (compared to 1373.45 kg for a typical standard three-coat system)

Dries in 3.5 hours (compared to 19 hours for standard three-coat systems)

System coatings: HEMPADUR ZINC 17310 & HEMPEREA ENAMEL 55980

Granted patent EP 2 283 056 B1 with the title: Novel Fast Curing Ultra High Solids Low VOC

Coating System for Aggressive Corrosive Environments.