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Hempel ensures high quality performance for shipowners with new pure epoxy coating


Responding to customer needs, Hempel launches Hempadur Quattro XO 17820, a versatile new epoxy for the marine newbuilding sector.

Hempel launches Hempaline Defend Vinyl Ester linings range for tough industrial applications


Global coatings company Hempel announced today the launch of its new Hempaline Defend Vinyl Ester range of linings. The linings are designed specifically for challenging applications – such as tanks, stacks, ductwork, flue gas desulphurisation units and secondary containment areas – where heavy-duty performance is critical to reducing corrosion and maximising production uptime.

Euronav chooses Hempaguard after impressive test results


After a 45-month patch test of our industry-leading hull coating Hempaguard, Euronav was so convinced by its ability to reduce fuel consumption that it decided to apply Hempaguard to four more vessels.

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