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Hempel's whistleblower system

The Hempel Ethics Hotline is an externally-run online whistleblower system that anyone can use to report potential unethical behaviour or inappropriate practices anonymously.

At Hempel, we are committed to working in an ethical manner. As part of this commitment, we have an independently-run whistle blower system that anyone – whether internal or external – can use to anonymously report or question potential unethical behaviour or illegal practices.

What is the Hempel whistleblower system?
Called the Hempel Ethics Hotline, the Hempel whistleblower system is an online reporting system hosted by NAVEX Global. It is available in multiple languages and enables any employee or external stakeholder to anonymously report potentially illegal practices or unethical behaviour through an internet portal or via a local phone number.

The system is an important tool to ensure that allegations of potential illegal practices or unethical behaviour are reported and addressed quickly. All complaints are treated confidentially and followed up by an objective and independent investigation.

What can be reported?
Anyone can use the Hempel Ethics Hotline whistleblower system to report potential violations of laws or Hempel policies in the following areas:

  • Fraud
  • Corruption or bribery
  • Health, safety and the environment (HSE)
  • Unethical behaviour of senior management
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Competition law violations (antitrust)
  • Violence

How does the Hempel Ethics Hotline work?
Reports can be made by visiting the Hempel Ethics Hotline whistleblower system online. The person making the report can choose to either give their name or make an anonymous report. Reports can be made by phone or through an online form.

All reports are reviewed by Hempel’s Compliance and Corporate Responsibility Director, who recommends appropriate action to Hempel’s Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee consists of: the Chief Financial Officer, the Group People & Culture Officer, and the Group Legal Counsel.

Visit the Hempel Ethics Hotline whistleblower site.


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